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Shutters provide privacy, insulation, style and light control. Unlike curtains they can be tailored to fit almost any shape of window perfectly.

shuttersborderEveryone has the vision of the perfect home, and with the right furnishings you’ll be able to turn that dream into a reality. Window shutters are the perfect choice for anyone that wants to give a sleek, modern and stylish look to their homes, offering the ultimate window covering that can’t fail to impress.

When you purchase Solihull Blinds Shutters you are buying 40 years experience in providing customers with the highest possible standards of service, fitting and after sales support. Quality permeates every aspect of our service, from design and manufacture to delivery and installation all with the security of a 5 Year Guarantee.

A tailored set of shutters will blend into your architecture, highlight your windows and provide the versatility to invite the light in, to suit your mood.

Shutters look equally beautiful from inside and outside in contrast to the drab look of curtain linings

Made to measure shutters and blinds also increase the intrinsic value of your house and they are long lasting.

Why Shutters?

  • Shutters Suit Both Traditional and Contemporary Properties
  • Added Privacy and Security
  • Light Control
  • Exceptional Heat Insulation
  • Long Lasting increasing the intrinsic value of your home
  • Noise Reducing
  • Style
  • Totally Child Safe
  • 5 Year On site Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty* (Vinyl Shutters Only)
  • Low Maintenance

Shutter Types

Ribbet collageWe offer a number of ranges available in different wood types to suit a variety of needs and budgets. There is a choice of 5 shutter styles and 117 Painted/ Stained Finishes and colours to choose from. Or you can choose to have your shutters painted to match your décor by opting for one of thousands of custom colours.

We believe we offer the finest in design and installation and so our products are no different.

Our most popular shutters are Basswood and Vinyl. We do however also offer MDF shutters which are extremely durable and the most affordable route to shutter style. Different woods which have there own characteristics and benefits are also available. Upon survey we will recommend what we believe is to be the best solution required for your needs.

Solihull Basswood Shutters

The Basswood used is FSC certified and sourced with careful consideration for the natural environment, giving you peace of mind that your beautiful shutter has been crafted from a sustainably managed forest source.

Basswood is extremely strong, light weight, durable and is renowned for its stunning finish whether painted or stained. Ideal for Shutters!

Solihull Vinyl Lifetime Shutters.

Ideal for humid, wet environments. Extremely durable with 25 Year Guarantee. 2-3 Week Delivery!

Solihull Shutters understands that not every window can be dressed with a shutter. To complement Solihull Shutter Collection, the Blind Collective offers a contemporary wood venetian collection to co-ordinate your window styling.

Mirroring the shutter collection, the Blind Collective colour palette offers, fresh whites, serene off whites, tonal taupe, through to illustrious shades of grey and black. A high gloss finish can generate an awe inspiring mood. These woods are available in a choice of 50 and 65mm slat.

woodenshutterborderKey Features of Solihull Basswood Shutters:

  • 5 year Guarantee
  • Energy Efficient
  • Child Safe – No Cords
  • Uv Stabalised Paint Finishes
  • Low Maintenance
  • Large Selection of Finishes and Styles
  • Custom Colour
  • Bespoke Shapes
  • Great Value


Bright White/ Soft White/ Stainless Steel/ Brass and Antique Brass.

Louvre Size:
47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm

Tilt Rods:
Offset, Centre, Hidden.

Large Selection of on trend colours and classics.
Painted Finishes: Whites, Creams, Taupes, Greys and Black. All available in Matt Or Gloss Finish. Also Custom Colour.
Classic Wood Stains, Textured Woods, Metallics.

Solihull Lifetime Vinyl Shutters

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Vinyl interiors shutter collection.  With a 25 year guarantee and delivery within 2 -3 weeks from receipt of order what are you waiting for.

Solihull Vinyl Shutters transform ordinary windows into inspiring highlights of the home. Combining elegance with the durability of vinyl they are perfect for windows everywhere: formal living rooms to rough and-tumble playrooms – even busy kitchens and steamy bathrooms.

Our vinyl shutters are fire retardant and child safe. Their lightweight design with internal air pockets provide an elegant solution for large windows as well as being energy efficient. Easy to maintain, washable and waterproof, they will not fade, crack or chip – something we are happy to guarantee for 25 years.


Cotton/ Vanilla/ Pearl

Tilt Rods:
Centre/ Hidden

Louvre Size:
47mm, 63mm, 89mm

White/ Cream/ Brass and Stainless Steel.

Key Features of Vinyl Shutters

  • 25 year guarantee
  • Washable – cleans easily with soap and water
  • Quick Delivery
  • Energy efficient
  • Fire retardant
  • Child safe – no cords
  • Resists mould and bacteria
  • Sun safe – UV stabilised
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Low Maintenance

Shutter Styles

Full Height

Create elegance and a stunning finish with shutters designed to dress the full-height of the window. Mid-Rails can be specified to split the panels into sections for optimum light and privacy control. Functional, yet stylish window furniture for any home.

Café Style

Ideal for rooms where total privacy is not required, café style shutters are fitted to the lower section of the window, adding an instant continental flavour.

Tier on Tier

The same as Full Height except using two sets of shutters, each tier can be operated independently offering complete light control. Tier-on-tier epitomises the look of understated luxury.


Traditional, solid wood panels that are suited to period properties with draughty windows as they give great insulation and privacy.

Track Systems

The perfect solution for large windows, patio doors and room dividers. Shutter panels glide effortlessly across a discreet track system facilitating smooth operation creating the ultimate focal point. Two track systems are available.

Bifold: Suspended from a top track, hinged panels enable the panels to be folded back to the end of the track at a 90 degree angle.
Bipass: Suspended from a top track, panels slide behind one another to open or close.

Shaped Shutters

Solihull Shutters can be made to fit most window shapes such as arch, circle, hexagon and triangle etc. Many halls and landings have unusual window shapes by putting shutters on these windows you can instantly bring that area of home to life.