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Conservatory blinds provide light control, privacy, reduce glare, reduce heat, preserve heat, and add style. They can be tailored to fit almost any shape of conservatory effortlessly.

When you purchase Solihull Blinds Conservatory blinds you are buying 40 years experience in providing customers with the highest possible standards of service, fitting and after sales support. Quality Permeates every aspect of our service, from design and manufacture to delivery and installation, all with the security of a 5 Year Guarantee.

We will not compromise on the quality of our roof blinds and only supply the best available with the technology on the market today.

conservatorycollageYour Conservatory is an investment and as such you want to maximize the use of it. In most situations the use of purpose-designed and correctly installed pleated blinds will significantly improve the comfort of your conservatory by:

  • Reducing glare and providing shade
  • Reducing the temperature
  • Minimising the effects of harmful UV rays on people, plants and furnishings
  • Reducing the heat loss in the winter and cool evenings.
  • Reducing ancillary heating and cooling costs
  • Improving the décor and making a style statement
  • Making your conservatory more cosy and private in the evenings
  • Providing Privacy

Polycarbonate Panels

The colour and thickness of polycarbonate panels will help to reduce some heat build up and glare but, with south facing conservatories in particular, often pleated blinds will further improve the comfort of the conservatory.


Some new high performance glass significantly reduces the amount of heat entering the conservatory but they do little to reduce glare, so often blinds are used to control the amount of light.

It is worth remembering that on “ a clear day in summer an unshaded window can admit 3 Kilowatt hours per square meter of glass which is equivalent to leaving a single bar electric fire running for 3 hours.”
(Solar Shading of Buildings, Dr P J Littlefair, Building Research Establishment, 1999.)

Given that the sun is at its hottest at midday when it is above the conservatory, it is not surprising that the Conservatory Association have calculated that 80% of the heat comes through the roof.

Humans have rather limited comfort zones from around 18°C to 25°C and research at Cranfield University has shown that some unshaded conservatories, particularly those facing south, can provide on average as little as two comfortable hours per day.

conservatoryborderRoof Blinds will significantly improve the comfort of a conservatory by reducing the amount of heat entering the conservatory but as with any blind system this will not keep the conservatory cool. Ventilation will also be required to help regulate the temperature.

We have blinds to fit all types of conservatories.

Types Of Conservatory Blinds:

Traditional Lean-To Or Mediterranean

Edwardian or Georgian
P Shape
T Shape


Pleated/ Duette Honeycomb Roof Blinds

The most popular and, in our opinion, the best!

Pleated blinds use a fabric which has been heat treated in the manufacturing process to form a concertina effect. The fabric is then mounted onto the rails which allows the blind to be fixed securely and also contains the mechanism for operating the blind. When fully retracted the blinds take up a minimal amount of space. Blinds operate under constant tension. This means that the blind can be opened as far or as little as you wish.

Pleated Blinds come into their own when shaped glazing is involved. The ‘V’ profile gives the fabric a unique strength and allows it to be cut to shape without losing its structural integrity.

However over time gravity and heat can affect pleat retention of the blind. Some suppliers compensate for this by making the blinds with fewer pleats so the fabric is stretched and the pleats hardly visable. Not us, although a more time consuming manufacturing process, but one which produces a far more attractive solution is to equalise the distance between the pleats. This is achieved by hand-stitching the fabric on the reverse of the blind. This has the added advantages of a neater stack of fabric when the blind is retracted, a better fit to the shaped glazing and smoother blind operation.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing pleated roof blinds is to consider how the blinds will look when fully retracted as well as open. The unsupported fabric can fan up when the blind is retracted. Although an option, but supplied by us as standard we offer a pleat flattening device.

This Layflat system ensures the pleats lie flat when the blind is retracted. This also looks better and helps to ensure the crispness of the pleats. Furthermore this flattening cord helps support the leading edge of the blind meaning that fewer tension wires.

conservatoriescollageKey Features:

Least amount of tension wires on the market.
Layflat System
Hand Stitched Pleat Equalisation.
331 Cosiflor Pleated and Duette fabrics
Louvolite/ Amo/ Arena and Eclipse Fabrics also available.
4 Hardware colours:
White – Black/Brown – Brass – Silver
5 operating methods:
Hand – Cord – Mono – Rod – Electric- Child Safe Options
Blinds Double corded – Ensures moving rails do not twist.


We can now offer the same pleated blinds with the added benefit of Honeycombe fabrics. A dual pleated fabric with an air pocket inbetween the layers.

Not only do these new duette blinds look fantastic they also hide the tensioning cords within the two layers of fabric eliminating holes of past. Furthermore due to the double layer of fabric thermal insulation is also greatly improved.

We strongly advise pleated blinds for Roof Blinds due to their unique features.

We understand that they are not always the preferred window treatment for some people.

We also offer a Specific Roof Roller System.

Key Features:

Less Tensioning Cords than Pleated
Cord Tensioned Operation or Electric
Neat mitred Cassettes
Easier to clean
More Visable Gaps
Issues with alignment

For a traditional rustic appearance we also offer a Wood Weave Pinoleum Range. 

sideblindsborderSide Blinds

Obviously with so many blinds on the market nowadays, it can be a very daunting task to pick the right one. It is not just getting the colour right but the many technical details to take into account too.

Most of our blinds can be made child safe and we will always advise you on site of the available options to you.

A perfectly designed blind will enhance the decor of a conservatory and the enjoyment of the room itself. This is where we come in; we have an in depth knowledge of the products on the market and the expertise to judge what is best for you.

We would strongly advise you to utilize our design skills and our planning and installation service so that we can offer the blind which best meets your criteria.

If you have seen or heard of a blind, we can do it!

Below are some of the blinds on offer:

  • Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds (Highly recommended)
  • Perfect Fit Duette Honeycomb Blinds (Highly recommended)
  • Roller Blinds (Highly recommended)
  • Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds (Highly recommended)
  • Metal Venetian Blinds (recommended)
  • Pleated Blinds (recommended)
  • Duette Honeycomb Blinds (recommended)
  • Perfect Fit Roller Blinds (recommended)
  • Wooden Shutters (recommended)
  • Vinyl Shutters (Highly recommended)
  • Roman Blinds
  • Wooden venetian Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds (recommended)
  • PVC Verticals
  • Wooden Verticals
  • Woven Wood
  • Silhouette Shades
  • Facette Shades 

External Conservatory Blinds

You will achieve the highest levels of glare and heat reduction with these. An external awning is fixed to the outside of the conservatory and therefore helps stop the heat before it even enters the conservatory. Usually Electric Operation means shade is just a click away! Sun and wind sensors can be fitted to control the awning as when it is required automatically keeping the conservatory cool why you are out.

Fabric is guided with side channels and always kept taut even at a 0° Inclination.