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Obviously with so many blinds on the market nowadays, it can be a very daunting task to pick the right one. It is not just getting the colour right but the many technical details to take into account too.

A perfectly designed blind will enhance the decor of a room and the enjoyment of the room itself. This is where we come in; we have an in depth knowledge of the products on the market and the expertise to judge what is best for you.  We would strongly advise you to utilize our design skills and our planning and installation service so that we can offer the blind which best meets your criteria.

If you have seen or heard of a blind, we can do it!

Below are just some of the blinds we offer:

blindscollageRoller Blinds

Rollers have become a firm favorite in home décor. They’re extremely versatile and look as good in country or classic homes as contemporary or ultra modern.

They can be purely functional where perhaps privacy or too much light is an issue, or used for there decorative qualities, in most rooms throughout the house.

Vertical Blinds

Verticals are brilliant at controlling the light or fitting awkward shaped or large windows, bays & patio doors and now we’ve really upped the ante in the style stakes with a collection that combines great functionality with chic appeal.

We offer Verticals in a number of contemporary prints, bold colours, sheers and interesting weaves adding a wow factor to windows. We are also proud to offer a new collection of soft furnishing fabric verticals so you can have the practicality of blinds with opulence of curtains!

Perfect Fit Roller/Venetian/Pleated Blinds

For a window dressing that’s contemporary, sleek & child safe and requires no drilling to fit, consider a blind in a perfect fit frame. This is a system that’s suitable for most double glazed windows and doors. A discreet bracket sits behind the beading and the glass of your window and the perfect fit frame and the blind simply clicks into position to provide a neat finish which looks integral and moves with the window or door. Great also for inwards opening doors where space is limited.


Are still forever popular and fashionable. Dress your windows with a lovely pair of bespoke made curtains to compliment your blinds wonderfully. Although blinds are often more practical than curtains nothing softens a room better. Don’t forget they are great for heat insulation too! You can finish off the whole look with matching cushions, throws or lampshades!

Metal Venetians

Offering fantastic light control & privacy, metal venetians are often seen in a modern environment however the choice of colours, textures, and finishes really offers something for everyone’s taste. If you still require you view, venetians are a good choice as they are lightweight to operate and take little space up on the window when retracted.

Wooden Venetians

Sleek, chic & stylish, a beautifully made wooden venetian blind can be as aesthetically pleasing and room changing as a lovely piece of furniture. Renewably sourced with careful consideration for the natural environment. We have stunning mix of both natural wood and contemporary painted shades. Still get plenty of light by opting for a white or cream painted shade.

PVC Wooden Venetians

They look like wood with a consistent regular grain but our actually made from pvc. This makes them the perfect choice for kitchen and bathrooms as they’re moisture resistant and easy to wipe clean.


With almost limitless versatility, pleated blinds are a great way to dress windows, folding neatly away to give a sleek appearance and maximum control of light in the home. With numerous control options they can be ideal for awkward windows.

Duette Honeycomb Pleated

The same great benefits as pleated blinds but with a double layer of fabric to create an air pocket. This makes them our most thermally efficient blinds. Also there are no holes, so if a blackout fabric is selected you will achieve a very a good dim-out.


Roman blinds give the practicality of a blind with the feeling of a curtain. They are generally regarded as more contemporary than curtains but still create a lovely cosy feel that chimes with current mood for staying home and snuggling up. We also offer a curtain collection to match and you can finish off the whole look with matching cushions, throws or lampshades!


Tactile natural materials including jute, bamboo and wood are carefully selected and woven together to give a wonderful rustic effect that allows light to softly filter through. They work just like a roman blind folding up neatly into pleats.

Skylight blinds

Skylight windows are a practical way to create lighter rooms but sometimes you’ll want to soften the light or block it out all together. We offer the full range of pleated, venetian and roller blinds for all types of skylight window including Velux, Dakstra, Fakro & Keylite. Opt for solar powered electric blinds if they are out of reach.


Designed to combine the functionality of a roller blind with the three dimensional qualities of a pleated blind this product simply looks great utilizing large 50mm pleats rather than the standard 20mm.


Panel blinds are an elegant and versatile shading solution for larger windows or patio doors and may be used as a room divider. The blinds encompass large panels of fabric which stack neatly behind one another when open, allowing maximum light into the room.

Panel blinds can also be used as decorative room dividers creating individual space and improving the flexibility of any room. The blind can part in the centre or be stacked to the side to provide a versatile option for any home.


Vision Blinds allow you to easily switch between subtle light diffusion and dim-out. This elegant roller blind incorporates sheer and opaque horizontal panels that will look stylish open or closed and can be instantly adjusted for varying light filtration. The bottom bar allows for the double layer of fabric to pass through, so that you can line up the horizontal panels to display either the darkened sections or the dark and opaque panels alternately.

We offer the full portfolio of Luxaflex Blinds including:

Facette Shades

Choose the perfect balance between privacy and light at any moment of the day. An endless chain allows you to slide the transparent and opaque woven sections past each other to open partially open or fully close the shade. The high quality and light weight Trevia CS fabric is a unique and patented design. A diverse range of colour options have been chosen to enhance your living space and reflect current trends.

Silhouette Shades

The ingenious construction of soft rotating fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric layers allows a gentle translucency into your home. Create an endless variety of moods by inclining the vanes so that you can let more or less light pass through to your room.

Wooden Shutters
Vinyl Shutters


Conservatory Blinds